The October 2016 RPT tournament brought 26 RPTers to “The Shop” in Belcamp.  With only two tournaments left in the 2016 season, players were hoping to improve their chances of making the top 8 and getting a seat at the Final Table.  Thanks to Tom Ross Sr. for coming in last minute and offering to host.


We got another new player in Jeff Dulina.  Jeff came along with Stephen Adams.  Nothing like adding some new blood to the tournament.  We also have had a few new players in the last few tournaments.  Sid Lestz is a friend of Rob Ratajcak.  Roger Ferrer is also a friend of Stephen Adams.  Welcome to the new players and welcome to the RPT players.



Now…  Time for the Beer Bitch shout-out…  and this one pains me to say: the loveable FedEx.  FedEx is now tied for 3rd all-time in Beer Bitch finishes with 5.  This is FedEx’s first Beer Bitch finish since July of 2015.  Better luck next tourney FedEx.


We had players that were looking for a solid finish to move up the standings.  One of those was Voldemort.  Voldy sadly got out with 6 points that has resulted in a couple position slide in the standings.  Trueman also slid a few.  Both players will be shooting for a strong finish in November to solidify the best seat they can at the Final Table.


Lets fast forward to the final 5.  Glenn Tana barely missed out on 5th place RPU finish as Tony knocked both Glenn and Stephen Adams out at the same time.  Stephen had more chips and as such, ends up in 5th place.  Regardless, Glenn now sits atop the RPT standings but November will decide who the 2016 RPT Player of the Year (PotY) will be.


Stephen Adams has played in 5 tourneys this year and has gotten at least 13 points or more in every tournament.  He has had 2 RPU finishes and is situated to be a new player gunning for the Top 8 next year.  I advise Stephen to be at the November tournament to meet the 6 minimum tournament played to be part of the lottery for the 9th seat for the Final Table.


In 4th place is Grover.  Grover knocked out 5 players on his way to his most recent RPU finish since he won the June 2016 tournament.  Grover now sits in 9th place in the RPT standings and will need a strong November finish to assure his seat at the Final Table.


In 3rd place is Brian Bennett.  This is Brian’s first top 3 finish since November 2015.  He now sits in 4th place in the RPT Standings.

Our runner up this month is Don Berry.  Don has played in 23 RPT tournaments…  and his last 3 are his best by far.  In August, Don finished with 19 points.  Last month, he finished third…  and then this month he finishes in 2nd place making this the best tournament in Don’s RPT career.. .  Could a RPT victory be in line for next month?  Don is in 14th place but there is a scenario where he could crack the top 8 (but as everyone knows, do not trust my math on final standings).


And the winner of the October 2016 RPT tournament is Tony Huckestein.  Tony knocked out the last 5 players on his way to his 9th career RPT victory and his first RPT victory since November of 2015.  Tony is the all-tie RPT tourney winner record holder.  Tony now sits at 5th place in the RPT standings.


I will not be able to make the November tournament as we celebrate 30 years of business for Ross Machine Company.  Kudos to Tom Ross Sr and all the Ross Machine family on that accomplishment.  Hard to believe that the RPT has been going for almost half that time….