Thanks again to Stan for coming to the rescue and hosting the May event.  It is very much appreciated and his place is perfect for poker and pretty much any other man-cave-esque event.  We had 21 players for our May tourney.  Grover moved into sole lead for all-time Beer Bitch finishes with his 7th.  Now, it should be noted that Grover has played in 82 tournaments.  Jeff Dixon, who is number two all-time with 6 Beer Bitch finishes has only played in 33 tournaments.  So, on a percentage basis, Grover is Beer Bitch every 8.5% of the time and Jeff Dixon is Beer Bitch 18.1% of the time…  so, statistically speaking, Jeff is a way bigger Bitch than Grover…  It should also be noted that Grover has 5 wins as well.  Regardless, kudos to Grover on this impressive achievement.



Rob Herd Jr. finished in 4th place.  This is notable as it is his 4th RPU finish out of 5 tourneys this year and puts him above Matt Straffin in the RPT Standings.  Rob and Matt are early favorites to battle for the RPT PoTY.



The night ended up with some sort of Steel Workers Union comprising the top 3: Mr. Tinker, Gene O’Connor, and Charles Harris Sr.  This is somewhat insulting to the tour as a whole as all three are now snowbirds and are only in Baltimore for the off-season… and yet, the come to our tournament and treat us like a bunch of whipper snappers.  In a move that shows that they are all savvy vets, they decided to split the pot and just play out the cards to determine how the tournament results would play out.


Charles ends up in third place.  Charles plays roughly 1 event a year since 2010… and he has 4 RPU finishes in his 7 career tourneys…  God knows what he would do if he played every month… J


Mr. Tinker gets 2nd place.  This is his first Top-3 finish since August of 2012 and his 6th top-4 finish all-time.  Mr. Tinker plays well when he is able to come to the tournaments consistently.  Looking forward to seeing him on a regular basis at future tourneys.


Gene O’Connor gets the win.  This is Gene’s 5th win all-time which moves him into a tie for 3rd in the career leaders for RPT victories.  The remarkable part is that this is Gene’s first win since September of 2009…  Making this a 7 year gap between wins.  This also moves him into a tie for 7th in all-time Top-3 RPT finishes.  Gene has a pretty stellar track record at the RPT statistically.


Hopefully, these snowbirds will head back to Florida soon and stop beating up on us and we can all have a better shot at winning the next RPT.  See you all there.