Thanks to Grover for hosting our February tournament.  This is the 13th time we have had a tournament at Grover’s and it feels like home in many ways.  Grover is the life blood of the RPT and I sincerely appreciate his help.  We had 25 players attend with Craig Bare being a no show.  Nothing like some public shaming to brighten everyone’s Sunday.  I would also like to throw some public shaming to Tim Szymanski as I am 90% sure he did not pay his $50 entry fee last night.  It was either him or Jim Wagner…  but I believe i remember Jim paying.  Send an email to and we can clear this up.  This is the first time this has happened in my recent memory.  On to the poker results…

Our Beer Bitch was Stan Lynch.  This is his first Beer Bitch finish and one of the worst Beer Bitches of all time having left without serving a single beer.  Hopefully the poker gods are gentle on Stan and his failure to do his duty.


On to our top 5…  In 5th place is “7 beer” Doug Deleo.  Doug rebounded well after being the Beer Bitch last month. This is Doug’s first RPU finish since June of 2015.


In 4th place is Matt Straffin.  Matt is on quite a roll.  He is 5 RPU finishes in his last 8 RPT regular season events.  Matt is quickly becoming a player to be feared when he sits at your table.


In 3rd place is me.  This was the most unspectacular third place finish in recent memory and felt more like sticking around all tournament.  This is my first Top 3 finish since my August victory.  I have 5 RPU finishes in my past 8 tournaments…  Looks like Matt is not alone…


In second place is Robert Herd Jr.  Rob was down to a short stack and built it up in what seemed like 5 minutes to be one of the tournaments chip leaders.  This is Rob’s first top 3 finish since March of 2015.  Rob also had 6 kills in this tournament.  This was Rob’s 4th top 3 finish all-time…  which is two more than his Dad…  J


Our most recent winner is Rob Schilling.  Rob took the 2015 season off and came back with ready to destroy.  This is Rob’s first victory since October 2014 and his second victory in his past 3 tournaments.  This is also Rob’s 4th victory in his RPT career.  Rob was even more prolific with his kills than Rob Herd as Rob Schilling racked up 9 kills.  This makes it the 8th most dominant poker performance in turns of kills since Vince Powers killed 11 out of 30 players back in February of 2008.  Congrats to Rob.


In other news, I put together some stats to see which player has been killed by which other player the most…  and we have a clear winner.  FedEx has been knocked out of 9 different tournaments by Jason Trueman.  That is like Batman vs. Superman.  There 7 other players that have been knocked out of 6 different tournaments by the same player…  and I am sad to say I am one of them.  Here they are in no particular order:


Voldemort has been knocked out of 6 tournaments by Rob Schilling


Corey Swoboda has been knocked out of 6 tournaments by Tony Huckestein


Norma O’Connor has been knocked out of 6 tournaments by Darryn Graham


Brian Ross has been knocked out of 6 tournaments by Tony Huckestein.  I think I knew this subconsciously…


Grover Sauter has been knocked out of 6 tournaments by Jim Wagner


Thomas Ross Sr. has been knocked out of 6 tournaments by Vince Powers


John Wilenski has been knocked out of 6 tournaments by Gene O’Connor


Anyway – I will try to get this new stat on the website so you can see your “arch nemesis.”